The Ultimate North Texas Car Museum Road Trip Guide

By: jwilder

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This MOTOR Texas guide takes you on a scenic North Texas road trip through nostalgic small towns to discover the coolest antique automobiles and classic cars around! I call this road trip, the North Texas Car Museum Trail.

What is The North Texas Car Museum Trail

North Texas Car Museums map

The North Texas Car Museum Trail is a guide, created by MOTOR Texas, for exploring four Texas car museums that are located relatively close to each other. The distance between each museum is less than eighty-three miles (about an hour and twenty minute drive).

The close proximity of each museum makes it the ultimate Texas car museum road trip. You could potentially visit every museum in one day, if you planned and executed well. But why rush?

The guide starts with the Vintage Car Museum in Weatherford, Texas, and proceeds south to each museum.

Of course, you can visit each museum in any order you want. My main goal is to make sure these museums get the attention they deserve.

Why Travel The North Texas Car Museum Trail

Car museums are extremely rare, and unfortunately, they are closing faster than they are opening. At least that has been the trend in the last ten years in Texas. And unfortunately, several wonderful automobile museums have closed. Dick's Classic Garage in San Marcos, closed in December 2018 and the Horton classic car museum in Nocona closed in 2023.

Museums are educational. Most people, young or old, can learn something new. In this age of electric and autonomous vehicle innovation, car museums play an important role in understanding the beginning of the automobile age. Especially since these cars are rarely seen on the roads today.

In addition to antique cars, you get to experience four small towns that you might not have ever visited. There are some additional attractions in each town that are highlighted in each museum page.

How To Use This Guide

The North Texas Car Museum Trail starts in Weatherford, the northmost museum, then heads south, ending at Clifton (a total of about 150 miles).

Each museum page has a link at the bottom that will take you to the next museum page.

Additionally, there is a "Plan Your Trip" section on each museum page that lists Things To Do, Places to Eat, and Places to Stay.

Start here to begin your journey on the North Texas Car Museum Trail. You can also jump to any car museum page via the list in the next section.

Enjoy your road trip!

The North Texas Car Museum Trail

P.S. Make sure to bookmark this page, send it to your email, or send it to your road trip partner, because you just might want to do this road trip! Or, send it to someone you know that loves to explore Texas! They will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

NOTE: Sadly, in 2023 the Horton museum in Nocona closed for good and all cars were auctioned off. The Classic Car Capital of Texas is no more.

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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