About MOTOR Texas

In a Nutshell

If you love Texas, automobiles, car shows, travel, photography, small towns, historic buildings, roadside attractions, and automobile history, then you will like what we are up to!


It is our mission to promote and advance a positive view of automotive culture within Texas and to make known to those beyond our border the many awesome transportation related events and attractions Texas has to offer!

Texas has a rich transportation history and a Texas size list of attractions and events! We're here to make sure the word gets out!


Here's how we work to accomplish our mission.

We Write About Texas

We regularly add attractions on MOTOR Texas that are of interest to auto enthusiasts. Some of the attractions we add are automobile museums, military museums, historic buildings (from an automobile perspective) such as old motels and motor courts, diners, roadside attractions and more!

The amount of Texas attractions can be overwhelming, so we try to create articles (or guides) focused on a city or a theme, such as Texas Train Rides, Things-to-do-in-Austin, Waco Attractions for Auto Enthusiasts, Route 66 in Texas, and more.

We also dive into Texas automobile history with articles on the development of the automobile, highways and car culture in Texas.

We Roadtrip

There's so much Texas and so little time! We enjoy driving the back roads and stopping for anything that catches our eye.

We List Events

But not just any events! We list the best Texas transportation related events such as car shows, air shows, train events, and popular monthly automotive meetups (especially those sponsored by towns).

Our History

MOTOR Texas went live on November 1, 2011, but we didn't just ride into town!

The idea of MOTOR Texas came out of years of hard work building and running MOTOR Austin, an auto enthuiast web site for the good folks in Austin, Texas. If you have ever searched for car shows in Texas you might have noticed MOTOR Austin show up in your search results.

The MOTOR Austin events listing became a popular and trusted source for Austin area car shows and automotive events, so we decided to take it state wide!

Contact Us or Follow Us

Email: motortexas.usa(at) (make sure to add the ".usa")

How To Submit An Event

To submit a transportation related event for our listing please see the Invite Texas page.