Little Juarez Cafe

By: jwilder

Little Juarez Cafe in Glenrio

This building, located, in Glenrio, Texas, was a diner that was built by Joseph Brownlee in 1952.

It was designed to look like a Valentine diner. Valentine diners were prefabricated in Wichita Kansas and shipped to their destination.

It was later known as the Little Juarez Cafe.

The Little Juarez Cafe was apparently the inspiration for the old abandoned Glenrio Motel in the movie Cars. The architectural similarities of the buildings are indeed striking.


From I40 take exit 0. Turn south at the overpass intersection. Continue until you intersect with old Route 66, then proceed west and enjoy. This, as well as other, buildings is located on old Route 66.

James Wilder

James Wilder is the owner, writer, photographer, designer, and developer for MOTOR Texas.


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