Featured Photos

This is the archive of MOTOR Texas photos that have been featured on the home page.

This is Southern Pacific locomotive 794 which currently resides in San Antonio. To read a bit about the history of old 794 visit

Here's to the power of the Texas Roadside Attraction! A power strong enough to alter our plans, make us pull off the road, get out of the car and stare, photograph, wonder why, or just enjoy. Stonehenge II is on the campus of Hill Country Arts Foundation, the performing and visual arts center in the Texas Hill Country featuring year-round plays and musicals, art shows, art classes and workshops. Hill Country Arts Foundation 120 Point Theatre Rd S Ingram, Texas 78025 Read more here:

This week's featured photo was taken in a small community near Bastrop. An old car, not forgotten in a shed or hidden in a field, but in plain sight for passers by to simply notice and enjoy.

This week's featured photo was taken at Texas World Speedway in College Station. Possibly the next Texas racetrack to be consumed by the bulldozer of progress. Texas World Speedway was built in 1969 and is one of only seven superspeedways of two miles or greater in the United States.

This week's featured photo is a Ford shoebox custom at Murpho's Rods and Customs display during the 2014 Lonestar Round Up in Austin, Texas.

This week's featured photo is the old ROCK-A-BYE motor court in Luling, Texas. The court was build by Herman Bauder in the early 40s. This photo was taken on 3-3-2013. We hope it hasn't been torn down.

This photo was taken at the 2010 Hot Rod Revolution in Austin. The location was the Seaholm Power Plant, soon to be a condo city. The car is a 1941 Mercury owned by Steve Wertheimer of the Kontinentals car club.

This photo was taken at the 2014 Running of the Bulls visit to the Oasis in Austin, Texas. Feel like a road trip?

In honor of the Corvette Invasion this weekend at the Oasis in Austin, Texas. One of our photos from the 2013 Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Bee Cave, Texas.

Texas Pride! A shot from the Corvette Invasion a few weekends ago at the Oasis in Austin, Texas.

Cars relaxing on the Guadalupe. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!

Something a little different. The Austin State Capitol dome. Next time you are in Austin think about spending a few hours at the Capitol. The building, monuments and history are amazing! Tip: stand directly under the dome star and say a few words. In that one little spot the reverberation is crazy!

"The Last Open Road" 1935 MG, Type N raced by Reed Yates of Southlake, Texas in the pre-war class at the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association's National Championships last weekend at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

Luca Maciucescu sliding around turn 20 in his 1957 Cooper T43 Sports Car at the Vintage Racing Association's National Championships at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The driver reminded me of Steve McQueen in his Cooper T-52 Formula Junior.

Sebastian Vettel 'marks' the beginning of Formula One in downtown Austin! Photo Credit Jason Bollenbacher

This week's featured photo is a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan on display at the COTA Fan Fest in downtown Austin. Photo Credit Jason Bollenbacher

This week's featured photo is a 1963 Batmobile. It will be auctioned off in Dallas on December 6th, 2014. More photos and other auction stuff available at Heritage Auctions

This week's featured photo is a 1966 Mustang from a photo shoot by James de Leon of Austin. See more of James' work at: JDL Images

This week we feature another photo by James de Leon of JDL Images in Austin. That's One bad Barracuda. See more of James' work at JDL Images

This week's featured photo is a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan owned by Joey Kramer, Drummer of Aerosmith. The photo was taken by Jason Bollenbacher at the Cars and Coffee event at the Oasis Restaurant in Austin. The background and sky were slightly altered for effect. Photo Credit Jason Bollenbacher

This shot was taken at Dick's Classic Garage in San Marcos during their January cruise in.

A gasser to get you going this week! And a reminder that the 2015 Lonestar Rod and Kustom Round-Up is just around the corner!

Spotted at a muscle car meetup in Austin. The bird is alive and well! Taken with an iPhone at night. Please excuse the ISO noise. The design of the Firebird emblem can be traced back to the 1957 Firebird III show car designed by Norm James. The story is that Norm was inspired when he saw a huge mural of a firebird in the Phoenix, Arizona airport.

Chevys at the San Marcos Vintage Plane and Car show. Photography by Jerry Hightower of Georgetown, Texas.

On March 22, 2015 we visited Taylor, Texas for the first "G21 Takes over Taylor" event. See our events page for the next event, more from G21, and more from Texas! Photo by James, MOTOR Texas.

The Granger Texas Getaway. Thanks to Josh for letting me snap a few pics in front of the Granger Bank! Photo by James, MOTOR Texas.

This week's featured photo is a nice rolling shot of a Mercedes on the Congress bridge in Austin. Photo submitted by Tyler Brummel of . Thanks Tyler!

Our favorite shot from the 2015 Lonestar Round Up.

Our pick for the most photogenic and unique automobile at the 2015 Keels and Wheels Concours d'Elegance, in Seabrook, Texas. It is known as "Round Door Rolls-Royce". It's based on a 1925 Phantom I Rolls Royce chassis and the body work is completely custom. It has an amazing past and even ended up in a junk yard until being rescued. It is now at the Petersen Museum in California.

When badges were badges. 1932 Stutz. Photo by James Wilder, MOTOR Texas.

1953 Ford X-100 concept car at Keels and Wheels, 2015. Photo by James Wilder, MOTOR Texas.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson's 1964 Lincoln Continental, on display at the Vintage Grill and Museum in Weatherford Texas.

The Bankhead Hotel in Strawn, Texas. The Bankhead Highway was transcontinental automobile route that connected Washington, D.C. and San Diego, California. It ran through 14 states and included Texas as part of the route. To learn more about the Bankhead highway check out our blog post The Bankhead Highway in Texas.

1950 Chevrolet Styleline in Austin, Texas. Photo by James Wilder of MOTOR Texas.

Murpho's Rods and Customs, 1950 Chevy.

The Twins. Two gorgeous 1950 Chevys. The purple belongs to MOTOR Texas and the copper "Penny" belongs to Murph of Murpho's Rods and Customs in Austin.

This one has been on my list for a while. A night shot of the U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas. You could spend hours photographing this building! More Route 66 photos to come.

This week's featured photo was submitted by Barry Busbee. Barry took this shot of a 1958 Corvette at the Bastrop Veterans day event in 2014. You can check out more of Barry's photos here:

MOTOR Texas rides with Hugh Hemphill, Manager of the Texas Transportation Museum. The truck is a 1924 Ford Model TT. Check out the video and watch Hugh demonstrate how to start and drive the Texas Transportation Museum's 1924 Ford Model TT. The video was shot at the Texas Transportation Museum during the annual San Antonio Model T Ford Show, September 2015. Enjoy! Visit the Texas Transportation Museum website here

This week's featured photo comes to us from Ken Altes of Austin, Texas. This long gone gas station is on Hwy 77 just north east of Hillsboro. Ken is certifiably car crazy and you'll find out why when you visit his ATX Car Pictures website Thanks for the shot, Ken!

The Bent Door Café in Adrian Texas. "Robert Harris built the Bent Door in 1947, and in 1995 saved it from demolition. Mr. Harris passed a few years ago, before he could restore the property." This according to Roy and Ramona Kiewert, former owners, that purchased The Bent Door on July 21, 2006. Photo credit James Wilder, taken July 2015. See also

Fordson tractor in front of a Weatherford, Texas municipal building at Fort Worth and Hogle St.

Happy New Year and full steam ahead! This week's featured photo is a wonderful train mural in Liberty Hill, Texas. The mural was painted by HH Michael Peschka in 2010. The train is the Southern Pacific 786, also known as the Austin Steam Train.

The Downtown Paddock is COTA's headquarters is located in downtown Austin, within walking distance of the Austin Convention Center. The Downtown Paddock serves as an information center and box office. It also features interactive displays and merchandise.