Dime Box

Dime Box is one of those small communities where you and your camera stand out like a sore thumb. So, we usually don't tarry too long unless we meet a local and strike up a conversation. Which we did.

Almost looks like a roll of coins.

Cant resist old gas stations. Each one must have a rich story of the many travelers and local residents refueling on their journey.

1950 Chevy, art.

Quiet main street.

They just don't make them like this any more. Character.

Dime Box community center.

Ready for a new purpose?

Gas station number two. Just off the main road.

Here's to the Dime Box Voluntary Fire Department!

ATM. Got it?

Never fails. Arrive at the Dime Box Heritage Society just after closing. The people that run these love to talk about their history. Let's brew some coffee!

The sign design got me. It evokes something, but I'm not sure what. We will stop next time, get some coffee, then head across the street to the heritage center and listen to some stories!