College Station

We we're pressed for time on this whirlwind May 2014 weekend trip so we didn't get a lot of photos of College Station. However we did go to the Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial. What a moving and inspirational tribute.

Welcome to Aggie land!

One of the older buildings on the campus caught my eye. I think she's beautiful.

My favorite sculpture on the campus. This is awesome! Did you know that Howard Hughes Sr. patented the two cone drill bit? The Hughes Tool Company, Houston, Texas, was raking in millions from around the world with the patents on the two and three cone drill bits.,_Sr.

"The Bonfire Memorial embodies many layers of meaning associated with the Aggie Spirit—a deep sense of belonging, a strong spirit of teamwork and leadership and an enduring sense of tradition that unites thousands. The Bonfire Memorial celebrates the tradition, history and spirit of Texas A&M, and the dedication of those involved in the tragic collapse of the 1999 Bonfire. Uniting Aggies past, present and future, the Memorial is comprised of three design elements."

"Take hold of the world and go for a ride, 'cause not all men live, but everyone dies." -Lucas John Kimmel

The College Station Depot. Well, it's actually a wine bar when we were there.

The College Station Depot patio.

The College Station Depot and Benjamin Knox Gallery. Both were closed when we were there. Sorry.