There's a nice park where I like to get sunset shots.

I repositioned the Challenger several times to find a composition I liked.

However, the sun was dropping quickly!

Sunset shots aren't as easy as you would think.

Because I was shooting hand-held, I used Shutter Priority at 1/60 to minimize camera shake. Aperture was f/5 (wide open for my kit lens).

I started out at ISO 200, but had to bump the ISO to 800, and then it just got too dark.

I like the composition, but unfortunate it's too grainy. I had to lighten it up on Photoshop to salvage this shot.

Lesson learned, don't waste time deciding on how to compose the shot at sunset! Allocate enough time to get your composition nailed before the sunset. Then just focus on shooting and adjusting your settings as the sun goes down. In this case I just bumped the ISO up as the sun was going down.

Alternatively, use can a tripod and slow your shutter speed for longer exposure.

Keep shooting!