Invite Texas to Your Car Show!

Invite Texas If you want to get the word out about your train, plane or car show then you've come to the right place!

We have been listing Texas car shows and events for over a decade, starting with MOTOR Austin in 2007 and expanded statewide with MOTOR Texas in 2011.

This is a PREMIUM service.

You get access to our audience of thousands of car enthusiasts looking for automotive events (37,000 Page Views per MONTH. March 2019 Stats)!

Your event immediately gets the benefit of all the years we have spent to build our audience.

For Event Promoters

A huge percentage of our audience (about 75%) use search engines to find nearby car shows.

They search the Internet because they want an easily accessible list of events.

They don't want to spend hours searching for car shows scattered all over social media!

Social media has some benefits, however it is so saturated with information, many people are tuning it out because of information overload.

They want an easily accessible, trusted source, to quickly find the best car shows in Texas.

These are just some of the reasons you should list your event on MOTOR Texas.

Event Submission Requirements

Please review ALL these requirements before submitting your event.

1. IMPORTANT: We will not list any event that does not have a dedicated website (or Facebook page) that is kept up-to-date with event status.

2. Listing your event is FREE* for car clubs, city agencies, churches and annual events! For businesses, we allow 1 event submission per year, per business, FREE of charge.

3. This is a FREE and PREMIUM service. We usually get events posted within 14 days of submission, however, We do not guarantee that your event will get posted.

4. If you cancel or postpone your event you AGREE to let us (and the rest of Texas) know.

5. You AGREE to verify the event information after we post it.

6. Please do NOT send us JUST A LINK to your event. That means you have no respect for our time or for us. We won't add it.

7. Please understand that we reserve the right to NOT post your event if we feel it is not appropriate for this site.

8. Do NOT submit PDF files. If you do, we will try to do a screen shot and convert it to a JPEG.

Information Needed

Please submit event details in PLAIN TEXT within the email. Please do NOT send PDFs, Word documents or Slides.

Email to:

  • Event Title
  • Start and end Date
  • City
  • Description - please keep it brief. Save the details for your website.
  • Website/Link to event.
  • Optional - One (1) Flyer Image (jpeg, png)

Event Description Tips for Best Results

Here are some of our tips for creating a good event description.

  • Keep it brief. Save the details for your website.
  • Include "Rain or Shine" or a "Rain Date" in your event description.
  • Is your event free for spectators? Say so! Make a clear a distinction between visitors and car show entries.
  • Are there bathrooms? Is it kid friendly? Is there food? Is there shade!
  • PLEASE! Because the Internet is full of old car show fliers, make sure to clearly post the date including the YEAR and the STATE your event is in. Just trust us on this one.
  • It's behind the Dairy Queen. If there's one DQ on Main St., thats cool. But consider that people from other towns might need clearer directions.
  • Make sure your website has the up-to-date information on your car show and new or revised flyers.
  • If you have a Facebook page AND a website, please make sure that BOTH are updated.
  • Put the link to your website on your flier.
  • Put contact info on your flier. Fliers have a life of their own. Yes, they tend to replicate from website to website to social media. That's a good thing! So, make sure to at least have the date, year, town, a website with the up-to-date info, and most important, your contact info!
  • Many festivals are guilty of this! If you have a multi-day event that INCLUDES a car show, please include the day and time of the car show. You will be rewarded in heaven!