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MOTOR Texas Our mission is to provide an awesome Road Trip resource for Texas transportation fans! Our focus is anything related to trains, planes and automobiles that is cool, crazy or educational (I didn't know that!).

Texas has a rich transportation history and a Texas size list of interests, attractions and events! We're here to make sure the word gets out about ALL Texas has to offer!

Our History

MOTOR Texas went live on November 1, 2011, but we didn't just ride in to town!

The idea of MOTOR Texas came out of years of hard work building and running MOTOR Austin, a local auto enthuiast web site for the good folks in Austin, Texas. If you have ever searched for car shows in Texas you might have noticed MOTOR Austin show up in your search results.

Since the MOTOR Austin events listing has become a popular and trusted source for Austin area car shows and automotive events, we naturally decided to take it state wide!

Send Us Cool Stuff!

Does your town have a unique attraction that would be of interest to auto enthusiasts? We are looking for information on attractions such as unusual art made with car parts, historic buildings such as old car dealerships or drive-ins, diners with auto related themes, hot rod shops that welcome visitors, museums with automotive history, race tracks, roadside attractions, unique auto related businesses and anything else we haven't listed here.

If you have an auto related event that you would like us to publish on MOTOR Texas, see the Submit Event page for details and we'll git r done!

Please send info to motortexas.usa(AT)

Thanks for visiting and feel free to send us an email and say howdy!

All the Best,
James Wilder
MOTOR Texas - Made in Texas!

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