Texas car shows and transportation related events this week and through the weekend (mon-sun).

VBig Country Swap Meet
Mar 31 (Fri) to Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 3 days
Abilene, Texas
V5th Annual Warriors Auto and Cycle Benefit Show
Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 4 days
Athens, Texas
VHot Rod Drive In Night at Top Notch Hamburgers
Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 4 days
Austin, Texas
VCameron Car Club Classic Car Show
Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 4 days
Cameron, Texas
VLiberty Church Annual Car Show
Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 4 days
Cleveland, Texas
VCars and Coffee Dallas - Monthly
Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 4 days
Plano, Texas
VMonthly Muscle Car Show
Apr 01, 2017 (Sat) In 4 days
Plano, Texas
VSpring Fling Car Show
Apr 01 (Sat) to Apr 02, 2017 (Sun) In 4 days
Rosenberg, Texas
V2nd Annual CarFest
Apr 01 (Sat) to Apr 02, 2017 (Sun) In 4 days
San Antonio, Texas

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A metro city is a regional subset of MOTOR Texas that is centered on a major Texas city and pulls in events and interests within a 120 mile radius. It's a great way to focus on the events and interests in and around your city.

AmarilloAustinCorpus ChristiDallasEl PasoFort WorthHoustonLubbockSan Antonio

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Find roadside attractions, historic buildings, old gas stations, classic diners, automobile museums and more!

Fredericksburg Vintage Car Club

The Fredericksburg Vintage Car Club (FVCC), is a touring club affiliated with the Veteran Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA).

Granger Ice House

This beautiful brick building in Granger, Texas is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture.

SmokeStack Restaurant

The Only Place to Eat in Downtown Thurber for Over 45 Years!

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The Texas Today blog covers Texas attractions, travel ideas and related news.

Things to do in Austin Texas

Our curated list of Things to do in Austin Texas for auto enthusiasts!

Shamrock Texas Gets Tesla Charging Station

Shamrock Texas Gets Tesla Charging Station.

George Boutwell Texas Artist

George Boutwell is a Texas artist that creates paintings of old diners, drive-ins, hotels and most anything else Texas nostalgic.

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The Texas Automobile History blog covers the beginnings and development of automobiles, good roads, racing, motor courts and diners in Texas.

The First Automobile Race in Houston

The first automobile race in Houston, Texas.

G.W. Hawkins Houston Automobile Pioneer

G.W. Hawkins was a visionary businessman and one of the first automobile owners in Houston.

The First Automobile Races in Texas

On July 4, 1901, the first notable automobile/car race in Texas took place at Fair Park in Dallas.

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