Texas car shows and transportation related events this week and through the weekend (mon-sun).

VDrive Your Vette to Work Day Happy Hour
Jun 30, 2017 (Fri) TOMORROW
Austin, Texas
VFreddy's Cruise In
Jun 30, 2017 (Fri) TOMORROW
Pflugerville, Texas
VHot Rod Drive In Night at Top Notch Hamburgers
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Austin, Texas
V19th Annual July Kerrville Open Car Show
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Kerrville, Texas
VCars and Coffee Dallas - Monthly
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Plano, Texas
VMonthly Muscle Car Show
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Plano, Texas
VPride in the Sky Classic Car & Truck Show
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Prosper, Texas
VHobo BBq and Car Show
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Rusk, Texas
VWylie Jubilee - Bluegrass on Ballard & Car Show
Jul 01, 2017 (Sat) In 2 days
Wylie, Texas

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A metro city is a regional subset of MOTOR Texas that is centered on a major Texas city and pulls in events and interests within a 120 mile radius. It's a great way to focus on the events and interests in and around your city.

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Find roadside attractions, historic buildings, old gas stations, classic diners, automobile museums and more!

Former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Waco

This beautiful Art Deco treasure was a former Coca-Cola bottling plant in Waco.

Old Phillips 66 Gas Station in Waco

This bright red and white building is a former Phillips 66 service station on Waco and 26th St - a classic old gas station in Texas!

Old Waco Gas Station at Herring Ave and 5th

Old Waco Gas Station at Herring Ave and 5th.

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Our Texas Blog covers Texas attractions, travel ideas and automobile history.

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You can drive any car you want on a road trip. But for an automotive enthusiast, a road trip is as much about the car as it is the journey.

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