Car Photography Lab: Audi V10

By: jwilder

Car Photo Blog Audi V10
Photo by jwilder. Sony a6000. Settings f/10 1/100 ISO100 26mm

This Audi V10 was an unexpected find near downtown Waco, in an old industrial area.

I was initially disappointed in the not so attractive surroundings and the heavy shade.

However, after cropping and brightening up the shadows I think it turned out rather well.

I initially didn't pay much attention to the black screen on the other side of the car, but realized later it was a perfect background frame for the car. I love how it complemented the silhouette of the Audi.

Spotting a photo worthy car is a great reason to pull over and practice your photography. You might not have much time so its a good opportunity think quickly about the scene (composition) and your camera settings. Always take some extra shots.

If you are new to photography you might want to check out this article that focuses on Car Photography Tips for Beginners.

Keep shooting.


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