K1 Speed Indoor Go Karts

austin K1 Speed Gocart racing Looking for something fun and exciting to do on four wheels in Austin without getting a ticket?

Let's race!

K1 Speed is a world-class indoor go kart racing facility located in north Austin. Their indoor kart tracks are among the largest in the nation!


  • European-style 20hp electric karts.
  • An atmosphere that is if not as exciting as the on-track racing action.
  • Corner after corner of dizzying G-forces.
  • Speeds of nearly 45mph on the track.
  • Museum-worthy collection of racing memorabilia, including race suits from famous drivers, race cars, autographed paraphernalia, and amazing art work.

Great for individules, couples, families and tream building exercises!


K1 Speed Indoor Go Karts
2500 McHale Ct,
Austin, TX 78758


Photo courtesy K1 Speed.


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