Clifton Classic Chassis Museum

clifton-classic-chassis "Clifton Classic Chassis is a completely remodeled 20,000 sq. ft. classic automobile museum located at 406 W. 5th. Street.  Opened in September 2011, this museum is sure to take visitors back to the nostalgic days of the past.  Dr. Terry Watson of Clifton and Dallas owns the museum which houses 25 restored and original classic automobiles.  Cars on display include a '60 Corvette Convertible, a '40 Buick Eight Sedan, a '63 Corvette Roadster Convertible, a '55 Thunderbird Convertible, and several classic Cadillacs, Pontiacs, and Lincolns from the '50's and '60's. And don't miss the rare and beautiful restored 1957 Cushman Motor Scooter also on display!"

Clifton Classic Chassis
406 W 5th (downtown across from Post-office)
Clifton, TX, 76634



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